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Feature Programs

Quarterly Museum of Fine Arts Tours

Four times a year, the Museum of Fine Arts opens its doors to BMC cancer survivors and their guests for a free guided tour of different exhibits.

Free museum passes for cancer survivors are available year round from the office. Call 617-638-7540 or email [email protected] for details.

Boston University College of Fine Arts

The Boston University College of Fine Arts provides Cancer Support Programs with free tickets to high-quality theater and music performances.

Systemic Family Constellations

Dan Cohen, an international trainer and facilitator of this unique type of work, helps people see their challenges and struggles in profound, new ways. The work reveals deep elements of human relations—love and strength, loss and exclusion—to which all workshop participants can generally relate.

Recipe Swap and Potluck Evenings

Three times a year, patients and staff are invited to bring a favorite recipe and dish to share. After discussion of culinary techniques and customs, seasoning secrets, etc., the group enjoys what generally turns out to be a multicultural feast.

Painting Workshops

Jonathan the Painter started painting at Boston Medical Center in January 2017. Since then, he has been making meaningful connections with patients, families, and staff alike through the universal language of art. Jonathan now offers quarterly painting workshops to all interested cancer survivors. No experience necessary.

Caregiver Workshops

Quarterly workshops provide an opportunity for those caring for cancer patients to share and learn from one another. Short exercises help caregivers gain greater clarity on, and ability to manage, both the patient’s needs and their own.

View this quarter's brochure to find out what programs are currently being offered.