Support groups offer a unique opportunity for current patients and short- and long-term survivors to get to know others who have had similar disease and treatment experiences as their own. They are a safe space where you can share details of your experience, ask questions, and offer knowledge and insights that doctors usually cannot provide. True support, encouragement, and uplifting energy are the norm.  

Sometimes a doctor or specialist is invited to give information on treatments and self-care and to answer questions. However, the heart of the group is always patients talking to patients. Generally what is gained in these groups can seldom be found elsewhere.

Our support groups are open to all patients/survivors, regardless of when and where they may have been treated. Registration is not required, but it's best to call ahead to inform the staff and to obtain any additional information.  

Most groups meet monthly. Food, free parking, and limited transportation home are provided.

Family members and friends are welcome to join you at a support group (though men only to the men's groups, women only to the women's groups).

Participating by Phone

There are speakerphones on the conference tables where the support groups meet. You can call into a meeting if you can’t make it in person. Please contact the office in advance at 617.638.7540 to arrange the call.

1-1 Support

If you would like to speak one-to-one with someone who has or has had a similar disease and/or treatment experience, Cancer Support Programs staff can likely find someone who will be happy to speak with you. Please contact the office at 617.638.7540 or

Cancer Support Groups by Type

Cancer Support Groups by Population Group

Sickle Cell and Other Diseases

Additional Support

We offer ongoing support activities where you can get to know other patients while building skills or participating in mind/body activities.

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BMC organizes a variety of events to bring together cancer survivors and their loved ones to relax and celebrate survivorship.

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We hold a variety of workshops, cultural events, potlucks, and more throughout the year for patients and their families.

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BMC offers integrative and complementary health services, such as acupuncture, to patients.

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