For up to date information on available public transportation, visit the MBTA website.

The Office of Parking and Transportation Services (OPTS)

The BUMC Office of Parking and Transportation Services is responsible for providing patients, visitors, employees and students with a variety of options for parking and transportation needs. OPTS manages a large, complex parking and shuttle program that includes on-site parking, valet and stacked parking as well as shuttle services 24-hours a day.

OPTS is located in the first level of the garage at 710 Albany Street, Boston, MA 02118. Hours are Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. They have parking applications, parking permits, offer several transportation options, schedules, and other timely information.

Call: 617.358.7592

Shuttle services are provided for the medical center, including designated off-campus buildings and parking lots. Evening shuttle services are provided to select local MBTA stations. This is a free service. Public transportation is available during the day to local MBTA stations. An inner-campus shuttle provides transportation for patients and visitors to and from the main patient care buildings on the campus. View shuttle information to get the latest updates on hours of operation and the current schedules.

Parking Program Policies and Procedures are available on the BUMC website under ‘General Services’.

Other Transportation Options

For information about carpooling, T-pass and other commuter options visit the TranSComm website.

Call: 617.358.3506

General Transportation Info and Personal Commuter Assistance

TranSComm is a transportation management association (TMA) that coordinates the transportation needs of local businesses and institutions in the Albany Street neighborhood of Boston's lower South End. They develop employee programs that promote alternatives to driving alone, reducing traffic congestion and air pollution, and enhancing accessibility in the Albany Street area and lower South End.

Employee Carpool ─ RideSource® Information

Ridematching is available for commuters wishing to carpool. Carpooling saves you time and money as well as helps relieve traffic congestion while it improves air quality! CARAVAN for Commuters will put you in touch with RideSource’s comprehensive, state-wide, computerized ridematching system. Using your commute origin, destination and travel schedule, CARAVAN will match you to carpools, vanpools, commuter boats, private buses, and the commuter rail.

Contact the information specialists at CARAVAN for Commuters, to work out just how much your commute really costs, visit TranSComm. Register for RideSource.

Call: 617.358.3506