Interview Dates

Please note that all 2021-2022 interviews will be conducted virtually.

Thank you for your interest in our program. Interview dates for categorical positions that will begin in June 2022 are as follows:

Friday, October 22, 2021 (reserved for Boston University School of Medicine applicants)
Tuesday, November 16, 2021 
Thursday, December 2, 2021
Monday, December 13, 2021
Wednesday, January 12, 2022

For additional information, please contact us.

All applicants interested in our training program need only apply through the Electronic Residency Matching Services (ERAS). Information regarding the ERAS program is available through your medical school dean’s office or through the American Medical Association.

Applications will be considered complete with the following documentation:

  1. ERAS application
    o    For the 2022 ERAS cycle, our program will be participating in the supplemental ERAS application offered through the AAMC’s ERAS program. Applicants will be required to complete the MyERAS application, and participation in the supplemental ERAS application is optional.
  2. USMLE scores (Step 1 & Step 2 CK)
  3. Personal statement 
  4. Medical school transcript
  5. Three letters of recommendation
  6. Dean’s letter
  7. Altus Suite - assessments of non-cognitive skills for selection
    All applicants are encouraged to complete Altus Suite for the 2021/22 application cycle. To complete Altus Suite, visit to create an account and complete the following assessments: 
    ●    Casper: 60-90 minute online, open-response situational judgment test
    ●    Snapshot: 10-minute one-way video interview with standardized questions 
    ●    Duet: 15-minute value-alignment assessment

All applications from LCME accredited medical school or equivalent international medical schools are considered. (Please note that if you are foreign graduate, you must be ECFMG certified to be considered for a position in our institution).

Academic credentials sought in the successful candidate’s application are Outstanding to Excellent performance on the USMLE Parts I and II and Honors in the required surgery rotation. We also evaluate the overall clinical performance; most candidates have High Pass or Honors in most clinical rotations.

Research experience and a broad range of extracurricular activities are valued.  The Selection Committee (the Program Director and Associate Program Directors) selects candidates and invites them for an interview.