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Surgery Residency Team

Surgery Education Office

Residents develop superior surgical skills and are well-prepared to become outstanding general surgeons or surgical specialists.

Donald T Hess, MD
Donald Hess, MD
Associate Chair for Education

Surgery Residency Program

Luise Pernar, MD
Luise Pernar, MD,
Associate Program Director
Teviah Sachs, MD, MPH
Teviah Sachs, MD, MPH,

Associate Program Director

Lana Ketlere,
Residency Program Coordinator

Meredith Solomon,
Education Program Support Coordinator

Surgery Clerkship

Cullen Carter, MDDirector

Tejal Brahmbhatt, MD
Associate Director

Abdul Saied Calvino, MD,
Assistant Director, Roger Williams Medical Center
Patrick B. O'Neal, MD
Patrick B. O’Neal, MD
Assistant Director, Veterans Affairs (VA)
Boston Healthcare System

Melanie Gainsbury, MD,
Assistant Director,
Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center

Syed Nanna,
Education Program Support Coordinator