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A grant is an offer of assistance where the government is a partner/patron and the purpose is to provide support and stimulation. It benefits a public purpose and is investigator initiated. A contract is an acquisition where the government is a purchaser of goods and services. Contracts are initiated by the government and directly benefit them.


A sponsored project typically has two or more of the following characteristics: defined work statement; competitive proposal/award process; a line item budget identifying expenditures by activity, function and project period; specific commitment of deliverables and level of personal effort; a formal report that summarizes results. A gift would have only one or none of above characteristics.


Per NIH Grants Policy Statement dated March 2001 the definition of Expanded Authorities is as follows: The operating authorities provided to grantees under certain research grant mechanisms that waive the requirement for NIH prior approval for specified actions.


The Space Survey  is the process of assigning institutional space into OMB Circular A-21 functional categories based on space use. The results are used to calculate the percentage of space that is used to support the subsequent allocation of space related costs to organized research. The survey is conducted biannually.