We called this a balance bowl because it is a nutritionally balanced plate. It contains a vegetarian protein source (chickpeas or other bean of choice), a whole grain (brown rice), and vegetables of choice. This is a compound recipe that makes use of several other recipes including tahini dressing, pickled onions and roasted chickpeas.


Cucumber - ½ medium (optional topping) Carrots - 2 large, about ½ cup shredded (optional topping) Brown-rice - 1 cup, cooked Chickpeas - ½ cup, roasted Pickled-red-onion - ½ cup Tahini-dressing - 1 Tablespoon


Step 1
Dice the cucumber into bite-sized cubes. Shred the carrots.
Step 2
Drizzle tahini dressing over each bowl. Enjoy!
Step 3
Add half the rice to each bowl. Top each bowl evenly with pickled onions, cucumber, carrots and roasted chickpeas.


You can find the recipes for the various components on our website!

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