The Pediatric Preventive Cardiology Clinic serves as a resource for patients up to age 21, focusing on preventing, diagnosing, and treating hypertension and high cholesterol, ensuring that children stay healthy into adulthood. This multidisciplinary program designed to make it as easy as possible for the patients and families to access an array of services in one place at one time. Our team guides and supports lifestyle changes needed to reduce cardiovascular risk factors with individual assessment by a dietician at every visit.

Available services include:

  • One on one visits with a registered dietician
  • Free, heart healthy breakfast provided at visits
  • Information about local programs and opportunities for children and teens to participate in physical activity at low or no cost
  • Instructions on label reading and healthy shopping patterns geared towards specific cardiovascular risk factors
  • Referrals to BMC’s food pantry for heart healthy food
  • Cooking classes held in BMC’s state-of-the art Teaching Kitchen

Pediatric Preventive Cardiology Podcast