Pain Free Newborn Care is a program designed to minimize the pain and discomfort associated with a pediatric patient’s hospital visit.

For newborns undergoing a circumcision, the following analgesics are recommended:

  1. ELAMAX (lidocaine cream) applied to the penis about 30 minutes before the procedure.
  2. Acetaminophen given orally before the procedure.
  3. Buffered lidocaine (with bicarbonate added) administered for penile block.
  4. Sucrose 12% oral solution given by syringe two to three minutes before the procedure.
  5. Pacifier offered during the procedure (but thrown away before baby returns to parents).
  6. Ideally, baby should go back to parents and be held and breastfed after procedure.

For newborns undergoing a blood draw or an IV insertion:

  1. Babies are given sucrose 12% oral solution by syringe two to three minutes before the procedure.
  2. During the procedure, a gloved finger is offered for the baby to suck.
  3. The medical staff attempts to get the baby back to the family or mother as soon as possible after a painful procedure so she can hold or breastfeed her baby.

For newborns undergoing the heel stick associated with the newborn metabolic screen, it is recommended that the physician:

  1. Performing the test while the baby is held skin to skin.
  2. Perform the test while the baby is breastfeeding.*

*Gray L, Miller LW, Philipp BL, Blass EM. Breastfeeding is analgesic in healthy newborns. Pediatrics 2002; 109(4): 590-593.