We are committed to providing a high level of assistance to our physician colleagues within BMC and outside of the BMC system. Whether for diagnostic procedures, treatment, a single consultation, second opinion or ongoing follow up, our physicians at BMC will keep the consulting physician fully informed of the patient's treatment plan and coordinate long-term management.

When making a referral, please include the patient’s growth chart, recent laboratory studies and pertinent findings, along with any specific questions. A pediatric endocrinologist is on call 24 hours a day to answer questions regarding specific patients. To reach the pediatric endocrinologist on call, please call the BMC page operator at 617.414.5000.

Contact Information

Call: 617.414.4841
Fax: 617.414.4251

Special Instructions for BMC PCP: Please fill out the referral form in Logician.

Admit or Transfer a Patient

To transfer or admit a patient, please call our One-Call patient admitting service, which is accessible 24/7. Pager number: 617.638.5795, #1111