Use the table below to review what types of information and features are available in MyChart, as well as what information any proxies for patients will be able to see.

Different Types of MyChart Access

Patients viewing their own MyChart accounts will have access to the most information and functionality currently available for managing their care. Proxies, in general, will have a more limited view into any linked patient's MyChart account. There are three common types of proxy relationships in use at Boston Medical Center: Adult-Child Proxy, Adult-Teen Proxy, and Adult-Adult Proxy. See below for an overview of the different types of MyChart access.

Patient AccessDefault Functionality Available to MyChart Account Holders
Adult-Child Proxy (0-12)MyChart access for all patients aged 0 years to 12 years, 364 days is via
a guardian accessing patient data as a proxy with Adult-Teen Proxy
Access. No login is provided to the patient at this time. This proxy
relationship automatically rolls over to Adult-Child Proxy Access on the
patient's 13th birthday.
Adult-Teen Proxy (13-17)Patients aged 13 years to 17 years, 364 days may designate an account
proxy. If they do, the proxy receives this limited access. This proxy
relationship expires automatically on the patient's 18th birthday. 
Adult-Adult ProxyAdults may designate another adult who can access information available in MyChart. The minimum age requirement for this access is 18, and there is no maximum.


Information and Functionality Available

Below is a list of MyChart functionality available to patients and their proxies. A green check indicates that that functionality is available.

RelationshipPatient AccessAdult-Child Proxy
Adult-Teen Proxy
Adult-Adult Proxy
Patient Access
Happy Together (ability to link MyChart accounts from multiple organizations)yesyesyesyes
Share Everywhere (one time access code allowing medical professionals to view patient data)yes   
Messaging and Communication
Inboxyesyes yes
View/send messages
*Medical Advice Messages only
yesyes* yes*
Request prescription refillyesyes yes
View patient lettersyesyes yes
Visits - Scheduling and Appointments
View upcoming appointments, admissions, and proceduresyesyes yes
Schedule/cancel appointments (live in selected departments for some visits)yesyes yes
View past visits and clinical notesyesyes yes
eCheck-In (live in selected departments)yesyes yes
Health/Clinical Features
View patient care teamyesyes yes
View plan of careyesyesyesyes
View and update health issues/conditions, medical history, and allergiesyesyes yes
View test resultsyesyes yes
View medications and request refillsyesyes yes
View preventative care reminders and immunization historyyesyesyesyes
View and request records from HIMyes   
View and complete questionnairesyesyes yes
COVID-19 statusyesyes yes
Billing and Insurance
View and pay billsyesyes yes


**Please rotate your screen to view a table showing access details by proxy type.**