Selina was diagnosed with MS in 2019, after she began losing the use of her legs and her sight in one eye. She wasn’t sure she would ever walk again. After a stay at BMC, long-term rehab, and a lot of hard work, Selina regained her sight and her ability to walk. Today, she is in control of her life; working two jobs, raising a son and looking forward to a bright future, thanks to BMC. "Dr. B" is her third doctor since diagnosis, and she hopes he’ll also be her last. "He studies only MS. He's a genius and brutally honest, which I like because I want to be able to prepare. He understood me right away." Selina wants people to know that MS doesn’t stop her from feeling free and independent. "I'm not going to depress myself because I have MS. I'm very optimistic. I always say that I don't live with MS. MS lives with me," she says.

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