2017 BMC and BU "fact sheet"

Boston University Medical Campus and Boston Medical Center Space Matrix

The principles outlined below represent the guidance for determining the home institution for research. An investigator's home institution is the one that controls the space where research will be conducted. This guidance applies to all research and offices at BMC and BU. This space is defined as:

Project Type    Location Determination
Laboratory-based research Location of the lab
Human research study team is based Primary location where the research study team is based
Student research Student's school
House officer/fellow research mentor  Institution of the trainees research


Building Address Entire building unless noted Building Code Home Institution
560 Harrison Avenue 560 Harrison Ave Floor 3   BU
609 Albany 609 Albany St   J BU
801 Albany 801 Albany St.   S BU
Crosstown Center 801 Massachusetts Ave Floors 3, 4   BU
Crosstown Center 801 Massachusetts Ave Floor 1, Floor 2   BMC
BCD Building 800 Harrison Avenue All BCD BMC
Biosquare III 670 Albany Floor 2, Floor 3, Floor 6, Floor 7   BMC
Biosquare III 670 Albany Floors 1, 4, 5, 8   BU
Building A (School of Medicine) 80 E. Concord St   A BU
CABR (Center for Advanced Biomedical Research) 700 Albany St   W BU
Conte Building 71 E. Concord St   K BU
Doctor's Office 720 Harrison Ave All P or DOB BMC
Dowling 754 Mass. Ave All DLB BMC
EBRC (Evans Biomedical Research Center) 650 Albany St Floors B, 1, 2, 3, 7 (part of 7) X BU
EBRC (Evans Biomedical Research Center) 650 Albany St Floor 4, Floor 5, Floor 6, Floor 7, Floor 8 (part of 7) X BMC
Evans 75 E. Newton St   E BU
FGH 820 Harrison Ave All FGH BMC
Finland Laboratory 754 Albany St All FIN BMC
Health Services 70 E. Newton St All H BMC
Goldman School of Dental Medicine 100 E. Newton St   G BU
Housman 80 E. Concord St   R BU
School of Medicine, Instructional Building 80 E. Concord St   L BU
Moakley 830 Harrison Ave All   BMC
Mallory 774 Albany St All MLY BMC
Menino (Harrison Pav.) 840 Harrison Ave All NIF BMC
NEIDL 620 Albany Street   NEIDL BU
Newton Pavilion 88 E. Newton St All Q or NP BMC
Preston 732 Harrison Ave All F BMC
Robinson B 80 E. Concord St   B BU
Robinson Complex (Collamore, Old Evans) 88 E. Newton St All C, D BMC
Shapiro Ambulatory Care Center 725 Albany Street All   BMC
Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health 85 E. Newton Street Partial 8, 9, 10 M BU
Surgical Building 85 E. Concord St. All   BMC
Talbot 715 Albany St Excludes BMC Executive Offices T BU
Vose Building 10 Stoughton Street All V BMC
Yawkey 850 Harrison Ave All ACC BMC

*If you have questions on your home institution, please contact Mike Collins (BMC) or Tom Moore (Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine).