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Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles

“Creating, validating & multiplying unparalleled success for children and families”


The Center for the Urban Child and Healthy Family will improve the health and wellbeing of children and families living in Boston’s most impoverished neighborhoods.


In the future, every child and family will be treated holistically, with attention to their physical and emotional wellness as well as their material needs. Adult and pediatric healthcare providers, educators, community agencies and families will collectively develop individualized success plans that put each child—regardless of his or her zip code-- on a path to a healthy and resilient life.  The best available evidence on supporting families’ wellness will guide program implementation in pediatrics, and BMC Pediatrics will be the international hub of innovation for new Pediatric programs. 

Guiding Principles

The Center’s Guiding Principles will be at the foundation of all programs designed and executed to achieve health equity for low-income, urban children and their families.

  • Link Child and Family Health to Community: The health of children is inextricably linked to the health of their communities; and, pediatric care innovations can only impact family health if developed in concert with other community structures that provide a continuum of support. The Center will connect conventional medical care to community-based resources, and activities will be inclusive of community agencies, from planning to implementation to dissemination.
  • Family Engagement: Care for children is dramatically improved by respecting a family’s cultural background; and, the most effective way to improve the health of children is to provide meaningful help to their parents; and the most effective way to reach parents is through their children. The Center will emphasize bi-generational, culturally sensitive health, and will involve parents in planning and decision-making.
  • Congruence with National Trends in Healthcare: The key to sustaining clinical innovations is to make them congruent with national trends in health care delivery and financing.  The Center will be a cornerstone to our approach to preparing the Department for the transition to an accountable care organization by advancing collaborative care systems focused on the health conditions commonly effecting children living in poverty.
  • Drive Culture Change: Individual programs can drive meaningful change only if they are conducted within a culture of care that fosters teamwork, transparency, effective communication and innovation. Programs developed in the Center will promote team based care; will call for participation and leadership from all members of the care team; and will link purposefully clinicians and researchers to work together for change.
  • Continuous Learning: Our healthcare system needs to evolve to a system of ongoing learning and improvement. The Center will encourage continuously learning through the alignment of practice, research, and patient-clinician partnerships to produce the best care.