The COVID-19 situation can be extremely anxiety provoking for all of us but especially for those in early recovery.  This might be exacerbated by people unable to attend their normal support group meetings or other recovery supports.  We are sharing a short list of resources that may be helpful for you patients or other people in recovery.  For BMC-specific information operations, please see the BMC website. 

We will continue to add to this list. If you come across helpful information specific to populations with substance use and/or homelessness, please email, and we will be happy to update the website. 

General Substance Use Disorder Resources:

Note: SAMHSA has expanded take-home capacity for OTPs in light of COVID-19. They have also issued guidance on the exemptions to 42 CFR Part 2 in light of public health emergency, as determined by the provider. SAMHSA also has FAQs regarding methadone and buprenorphine

SAMHSA Resources:

ASAM has developed a database of COVID-19 Resources including information on support groups, telehealth access, and infection mitigation. 

The CDC has shared some information on Mental Health and Coping during COVID-19. They also have information for how emergency responders can take care of themselves

National Center for PTSD’s Managing COVID-19 Stress

The Harm Reduction Coalition has released COVID-19 Guidance for People Who Use Drugs and for Harm Reduction Programs

MCSTAP operates a free consultation service for providing remote care for individuals with co-occurring pain and substance use disorder: 1-833-724-6783 (Hours: Monday-Friday, 9AM - 5PM)

Resources for Individuals: 

Hilary Connery from McLean developed information on recovery of substance users during the coronavirus outbreak

Yale has released Guidance for People Who Use Substances on COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

Hazelden Betty Ford has tips for staying connected and safeguarding your recovery  individuals going to meetings or considering skipping.

Lawyers for Civil Rights has shared a tipsheet with answers to legal questions or concerns related to COVID-19, including medical support, food security, and drivers' licenses. 

Free sober active community The Phoenix is offering free live workout classes

Support After a Death by Overdose (SADOD) has a list of resources for how to get help where grief and COVID-19 intersect. 

Homelessness Resources:

The CDC has issued Interim Guidance for responding to Coronavirus among People Experiencing Unsheltered Homelessness. 

The Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD):

A report from National Alliance to End Homelessness aims to establish the potential mortality and hospitalization costs associated with COVID-19 infection among the homeless population in the United States.

Virtual Support Meetings: 

Find a list of virtual recovery meetings for every time at every day of the week. 

SMART Recovery Online Community

  • Chat Rooms
  • Message Boards
  • Online Meetings
  • Online Library

Alcoholics Anonymous Intergroup

Recovery Apps

  • CHESS Health Has New Free Recovery App, Connections App
  • Sober Grid - App Store
  • Celebrate Recovery - App Store
  • Smart Recovery
  • Meeting Guide
  • NA Meeting Search
  • Recovery Path 

Narcotics Anonymous Online Meetings:

In The Rooms Online Meetings

Herren Project

Recovery Dharma

Marijuana Anonymous Online Meetings

Boston Emergency Services Team - 1-800-981-4375

  • 24/7 AT HOME support for mental health crises

Western Mass Recovery Learning Community Peer-Support Warm Lines - Supportive phone lines for talking

Family Support Meetings

SAMHSA National Helpline 1-800-662-4357

  • Information and resources for recovery
  • Treatment referrals
  • Disaster Distress Helpline: 1-800-985-5990