Up to 75,000 refugees arrive each year in the United States, and about 5% of them have settled in Massachusetts in recent years. All refugees are entitled to a health assessment within three months of arrival in the U.S.
The goals of the refugee health assessment are:

  • General health assessment, including vision, hearing, and dental screening
  • Identification and treatment of immediate health needs
  • Diagnosis and treatment of communicable diseases
  • Immunization
  • Orientation to the health system in the United States
  • Transition to a primary care provider

Once this initial assessment has been done, we are happy to continue to follow patients in our primary care practice or to refer them to centers closer to their homes. 
The Refugee Health Assessment Program sees patients that are referred from specific resettlement agencies; thus we do not make appointments for these patients outside this system. New immigrants to the U.S. should have their appointments made with primary care professionals with whom they plan to establish long-term care.

For referrals to RHAP, please fax a referral to the RHAP coordinator at 617.414.7230.