You will receive $25 for each week of study participation during your hospitalization. You will receive a maximum of $150 for study participation.
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Eligibility Requirements

Inpatient Cohort

  • Any hospitalized patient with confirmed COVID-19 infection by any diagnostic testing modality who meets the prevailing CDC definition of COVID-19 at the time of recruitment.
  • Ability to provide informed consent or have an LAR available who can provide consent.
  • Patients who are co-enrolled in therapeutic trials for COVID-19 will still be eligible to participate in this observational trial. Blood draw schedules will be adjusted to ensure maximum amounts are not exceeded.

Survivor Cohort

  • Any adult (≥18 years) who had confirmed COVID-19 disease (confirmed by test result, study PI attestation, or physician attestation) who is at least 15 days post-resolution of symptoms. Natural History of COVID-19 Confirmed Cases at Boston Medical Center, COVID-19 Survivors and COVID-19’s Impact on Healthcare Workers (IRB: H-40047) NCT04344587 H-40047

The main objective of this research is to examine the clinical course of adult and pediatric patients with COVID-19 disease presenting to BMC and to collect samples for current and future research on COVID-19’s impact of the immune system. The immune system includes specific organs and the actions they take (or their “response”) to help the body resist and fight disease. Understanding how the body handles the virus may lead to new approaches to treatment and vaccines.