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Post-submission grant application materials are those submitted after the agency deadline, but prior to the initial peer review. This option should not be used to correct oversights or errors discovered after submission of the application. Because the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is BMC's largest funder and the sponsor for which we submit the most proposals, we include NIH specifics.

Please consult the NIH’s Post Submission Materials Policy FAQ for additional guidance.

Post-Submission Components

The items below do not form an exhaustive list but are the most common materials of post-submission:

  • Citations of Issued Patents
  • Revised budget page(s) (e.g., due to new funding or institutional acquisition of equipment)
  • Biographical sketches (e.g., due to the hiring, replacement, or loss of an investigator)
  • Letters of support or collaboration due to the hiring, replacement, or loss of an investigator
  • Adjustments resulting from natural disasters (e.g., loss of an animal colony)
  • Adjustments resulting from change of institution [e.g., the principal investigator/program director (PI/PD) moves to another university]
  • News of professional promotion or positive tenure decision for any PI/PD or Senior/Key Personnel, and
  • Approval by the NIH Stem Cell Registry of (a) human embryonic cell line(s) after submission of the application (see NIH guidelines).

Roles and Responsibilities

Principal Investigator/Program Director/Department Administrator 


  • review the agency-specific post-submission guidelines, as applicable
  • assess whether or not the proposed post-submission materials meet the requirements set forth by the relevant agency
  • prepare documentation for Sponsored Program Administration (SPA) review and submission.

Sponsored Programs Administration 

The SPA team:

  • Serves as an advisor and facilitator throughout the preparation, review, and submission process
  • Assists with policy interpretation, sponsor requirements, and facilitates means of satisfying those requirements
  • Reviews documents provided by the PI/PD/DA
  • Submits documents in accordance with sponsor guidelines, and
  • Facilitates submittal of official BMC requests and communications with sponsor, sub-recipients, and other external parties

Post-Submission Process

Step 1: The PI/PD/DA review post-submission guidelines and prepare documentation for SPA to review

Step 2: The PI/PD/DA forward the documentation to the assigned SPA Grants and Contracts Administrator (GCA) for review at least five (5) full business days prior to the deadline or intended submission date

Step 3: The GCA reviews documentation and submits it on behalf of the PI/PD in accordance with sponsor requirements,

Step 4: The GCA uploads final documentation and any relevant communications to the project’s InfoEd record