A consolidated page of Institutional Policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Researchers and Administrators. Hospital Wide Policies & Procedures can be reviewed by visiting the BMC Policy page.


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 Allowable Costs 


 Animal Science Center: P&P's


 BMC HIPAA Information 

 Carry Forward of Unobligated Balances 

 Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements 

 Check Request 

 Conflict of Interest (COI):P&P's

 Clinical Trial Intake Form

 Clinical Data Warehouse P&P's

 Clinical Trials Registration and Reporting (ClinicalTrials.gov) 

 Contractual Agreements- BMC Subcontractor 

 Clinical Research Coverage Analysis Policy and Forms 

 Cost Sharing 


 Cost Transfers 


 Equipment Management 

 Facilities And Administrative Rate Guidance 

 Facility and Administrative Costs 

 Federal Financial Report (FFR) 

 Federal Reimbursement Rate for Mileage

 FFATA Reporting 


 Final Invention Statement 


 Grant Closeout Procedure 

 Human Subjects Research 


 Human Research Protection Program Policies

 Independent Contractor/Consultant Agreement 

 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC): P&P's

 Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC): P&P's

 Invoicing Industry Sponsors: P&P's


 Institutional Review Board (IRB): P&P's

 Material Transfer (Incoming) 

 MCA Worksheet Devices 

 MCA Worksheet Drugs And Services 


 Misconduct in Science 


 Overspending Policy 

 Petty Cash 

 Pre-Award Expenditures 

 Program Income 

 Proposal Submission Form 

 Proposal Submission Policy 

 Proposal Summary Form 

 Protocol Amendment Financial Management Attachment A CTO Intake Form 

 Protocol Amendment-Financial Management 

 Public Access Policy 


 Purchasing/Materials Management 

 Record Retention 

 Research Conflict of Interest 

 Research Conflict of Interest Process 

 Residual Funds 

 Residual Funds Form 


 Research Participant Compensation 

 Subcontract/Consortium Agreements 


 Subrecipient Monitoring 

 Time and Effort 

 Types Of Clinical Research Entered Into Velos CT