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  • Collaborator will have programmatic decision making responsibility
  • Collaborator will manage technical and administrative aspects of a portion of the overall project statement of work
  • Collaborator will perform work as part of an institutional appointment and utilize their institutional facilities such as, students, staff, patient population...etc.
    • Subcontract costs are excluded from BMC's indirect cost calculation in the budget.


  • An individual/firm/organization identified to provide professional advice or services for a fee
  • Operates in a competitive environment
  • Does not participate in the programmatic decision making of the project
  • Provides similar goods or services to many different purchasers
  • BMC's indirect costs are applied to all consultant costs.

**If the consultant is an individual affiliated with another academic institution, the services must be provided outside of their institutional time commitments, without use of their institutional resources, and paid directly to the consultant as an individual and is subject to income taxes**

**BMC employees can not be paid consultants on BMC grants**