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Provides transaction details with format intended to be exported to table in Excel for further analysis.

Report Parameters

  1. Begin/End Date: Select the dates for the report, based on post date.
  2. Status: Defaults to all statuses. The report can be run for one status, multiple, or all.
  3. PI: Defaults to all principal investigators/program directors (PI/PD), but the report can be run by PI/PD.
  4. DeptAdmin: must be selected from drop down. Can choose one department admin (DA) or all DAs.
  5. Summary Project: Select "BMC Grants" for sponsored programs or "BMC Funds" for fund accounts. 
  6. Project: Select a project number from the dropdown. The report can be run for one project or multiple. Please note, if a PI/PD or DA is selected from the dropdowns, the project numbers will be narrowed down to projects only assigned to that PI/PD or DA.

Report Fields

1. (Red): Reporting Period – The reporting period that was inputted into the search fields.

2. (Red): For PI _____ (Name) – The PI/PD for the project.

3. (Red): BMC Grants (or BMC Funds) – shows if the report was run for BMC Grants or BMC Funds.

1. (Green): Post Date – The post date of an expense.

2. (Green): Fiscal PD – The fiscal month and year that the expense posted.

3. (Green): Jrnl# – If the expense was uploaded via journal, there will be a reference number posted here.

4. (Green): Line# Event – General Ledger (GL) event.

5. (Green): Project – The project number the expense posted to.

6. (Green): PI Name – The PI/PD for the project in field 5 (Green).

7. (Green): Project Desc – The title for project in field 5 (Green).

8. (Green): Account – The account number that the expense posted under.

9. (Green): Account Desc – The description for the account in field 8 (Green).

10. (Green): Cost Center – The cost center for the project in field 5 (Green).

Note: For sponsored programs, the cost center will always be 10201100 (10201200 for fund accounts).

11. (Green): Cost Center Desc – The description of the cost center in field 10 (Green).

12. (Green): Description – Description of the expense.

13. (Green): Reference – Reference note on the expense.

14. (Green): Parent Fund – The parent fund for the award. The parent fund is based on where the funds originate from. In the example pictured above, the award is a “FED_PASS_NIH” as we are a subrecipient of a university who received funds for the award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

15. (Green): Rev Acct – The account revenue was posted to when revenue was recognized.

16. (Green): Vendor – If the expense is an invoice, the vendor number will be listed here.

17. (Green): Vendor Name – If the expense is an invoice, the vendor name will be listed here.

18. (Green): Invoice – If the expense is an invoice, the invoice number will be listed here.

19. (Green): PO# – If the expense was paid from a purchase order, the PO number will be listed here.

20. (Green): Line AP Desc – If the expense is an invoice, the description from Accounts Payable (AP) will be listed here.

21. (Green): Pmt Status – If the expense is an invoice, the payment status will be listed here.

22. (Green): Check Date – If the expense is an invoice, the check date will be listed here (if the invoice was paid; if the invoice is awaiting payment, the check number will be blank).

23. (Green): AP Paid – If the expense is an invoice and AP submitted payment to the vendor, this field will state “EligibleForBilling.”

24. (Green): Billed – States if the expense was billed to the sponsor. If so, the field will state “Processed.”

25. (Green): Indirect Burden – States whether or not indirect burdens (IDC) was processed against the expense.

26. (Green): Revenue Recognized – States whether or not, revenue was recognized (processed) against the expense.

27. (Green): Amount – The expense amount.

28. (Green): Units – The unit amount.