Jazz up your typical salad with the sweetness and crunch of an apple, topped with sunflower seeds for an even more satisfying bite! 


Tuna - 42 grams solid white albacore tuna Lettuce - 40 grams romaine lettuce Apple - 30 grams raw apple with skin Seeds - 8 grams sunflower seeds Mayonnaise - 39 grams Hellmann's mayonnaise Oil - 10 grams canola oil or olive oil Vinegar - 10 grams apple cider vinegar


Step 1
Mix about tuna with mayonnaise and add salt and pepper to taste
Step 2
Cut apple into small cubes, leaving skin on
Step 3
Add tuna over lettuce greens and top with oil, vinegar, and sunflower seeds


Nutrition Information

Dietary Restrictions

Classic Ketogenic