Tomato salsa is a perfect snack to have with corn tortilla chips or pita chips. It can also be used to top eggs, rice, tacos, vegetable bowls, salads, chicken, and beans. 


Diced_tomato - 1 (15-oz) can or 1 lb fresh tomatoes Onion - 2 Tablespoons, minced Cilantro - 2 Tablespoons, chopped fresh Mango - ¼ cup chopped (optional) OR pineapple Garlic - 1 clove minced or ¼ teaspoon powdered garlic Lime_juice - 1 Tablespoon Cumin - ⅛ teaspoon (optional) Salt - pinch


Step 1
In a small bowl, combine all ingredients. Allow to chill for 1 hour.


Nutrition Information

Dietary Restrictions