This is an easy to make recipe that provides a great combination of proteins and carbohydrates. Chicken and eggs are sources of protein. Peas adds flavor, vitamins and minerals. There are many ways to customize the recipe by adding other vegetables and/or substituting chicken for ground turkey/beef.


Rice – 1 cup, cooked Meat – ¾ cup ground chicken/turkey/beef, cooked (or canned chicken) Eggs – 2 Milk – 1 Tablespoon Salt – 1 pinch Soy_Sauce – ½ Tablespoon Hoisin – ½ Tablespoon Garlic_Powder – ½ teaspoon Peas- ~1/3 of a 15-oz can of peas, strained and rinsed


Step 1
Whisk eggs together in a microwave safe bowl, with the milk and a pinch of salt.
Step 2
On medium power, microwave for two minutes, stir and microwave another minute.
Step 3
If still runny, microwave in 30-second increments until fully cooked.
Step 4
Mash with a fork to break it up. 
Step 5
Combine all ingredients in a bowl.
Step 6
Heat in microwave for 1 minute or until desire temperature and serve.


Find the microwave rice recipe here.

Find the microwave ground turkey recipe here. 

For a heart healthy choice look for a 93% lean ground turkey. 

As a substitute of the Hoisin sauce you can use: 1 Teaspoon of soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of honey, and  teaspoon of hot sauce.

Nutrition Information