Cucumber - peeled and raw: 50 grams Tomatoes - cherry tomatoes: 50 grams Lettuce - romaine, cut: 25 grams Egg - hard boiled: 60 grams Avocado - 60 grams Olives - Black olives: 25 grams Lemon-juice - 10 grams Oil - Olive oil: 25 grams Salt - to taste Pepper - to taste


Step 1
Wash all vegetables, peel, and cut cucumber, cut the hard-boiled egg
Step 2
Arrange all the vegetables and hard boil egg in a big plater
Step 3
Mix olive oil and lemon juice in a jar and mix it well for dressing
Step 4
Drizzle the salad dressing on the top of the salad, can sprinkle salt and pepper to taste


Ketogenic diet ratio: 2.7:1

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