Chicken breast, no skin: 200 grams Coconut milk: 150 grams Olive oil: 25 grams Onions, peel the skin and slices: 30 grams Turmeric powder: 5 grams Ginger root, peel and cut :5 grams Garlic peeel and crushed: 10 grams Water : 100 ml Cilantro for garnish Salt and pepper to taste


Step 1
Blend spices (Onion, ginger root, garlic, turmeric powder) in small food processor
Step 2
Saute the spices in the pan with olive oil
Step 3
Add chicken cook until golden brown
Step 4
Add water and let it boil
Step 5
Add coconut milk, reduce the heat and continue to simmer but don’t let it to boil stage
Step 6
Season with salt and pepper
Step 7
Serve it hot and garnish with cilantro


Ketogenic diet ratio: 1:1

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Modified Atkins Diet (MAD)