All parents need to speak up, or advocate, for their children to make sure they are treated fairly. Just as you speak up for your child on the playground or in school, you also need to speak up for your child’s special needs. This means speaking up for your child’s needs with healthcare providers, educational professionals, and health plans.

Tips on Speaking Up for Your Child

Remember that you are the expert about your child. Be prepared to provide information about your child’s special needs, strengths and weaknesses, and accommodations that have worked.

Be informed. Get information from more than one source and more than one person. Use all the information you have to speak up for your child’s needs.

Attend meetings, workshops, and conferences. These are great places to learn ways to speak up for your child. Also, you can talk to other parents and learn about what works for them.

This information is provided in part by the Division of Perinatal, Early Childhood, and Special Health Needs within the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and