The BMC Medical Weight Management Team provides a multidisciplinary approach to managing obesity with evidence- based compassionate care. Using a shared decision-making approach with the patient, we provide a personalized plan for weight loss and improvements in metabolic health such as hypertension, diabetes, and increased cholesterol. We meet you where you are in your weight-loss journey with kindness, respect, and the most current and effective therapies. 

What we do

Our Team


Ivania Rizo

Samar Hafida

Eric Nolen-Doerr

Kavita Sharma

Denise Wong

Nurse Practitioners

Catherine Lobo Galo

Ivy Opoku-Mensah

Kristen Spain

Joelle Sulistio

Tina Yiu

Registered Dieticians

Stephanie Chen

Joanne Keaveney

Jessica Peters

Sarah Veber

Medication Management

Pharmacotherapy is an important intervention in all chronic diseases including obesity. Our program combines nutrition and lifestyle counseling with FDA approved weight loss medications in consultation with our team. Weight loss medications can work differently for everyone, and may help decrease your appetite and increase fullness. Our obesity medicine specialists carefully review your health history and work together with you to prescribe the most suitable medication or combination of medications. We evaluate your progress with regular appointments and make adjustments to your plan as needed to achieve the best outcome. 

Nutrition Counseling

Our dedicated registered dietitians provide personalized support through one on one and group interactions. 

Healthy Habits Classes 

Look at our Teaching Kitchen calendar for a list of Healthy Habits classes you can attend.