The Massachusetts Community Engagement Alliance (MA-CEAL) Against COVID-19 Disparities, led by Boston Medical Center, is part of a nationwide initiative funded by the National Institutes of Health. Our work includes providing education to our community members and leaders to address misinformation gaps and mistrust around COVID-19, delivering ambassador and physician-led vaccine education, and promoting equitable access to clinical research participation.

We engage, educate, empower and protect our communities with access to COVID-19 vaccines.

We promote diversity and access to clinical research to ensure tomorrow’s therapies work for all of us. 


MA-CEAL’s mission is to provide trustworthy information on COVID-19 through active community engagement and outreach to the people hardest-hit by the pandemic. Our goal is to build long-lasting partnerships and improve diversity and inclusion in our research response to COVID-19 and beyond.

MA-CEAL’s Objectives

  • Conduct urgent community-engaged outreach and research around COVID-19  
  • Improve awareness and education to address widespread misinformation and distrust regarding COVID-19
  • Improve education around COVID therapeutics and the prevalence of Long COVID
  • Promote an evidence-based response to the disease  
  • Promote and facilitate the inclusion of diverse racial and ethnic populations in clinical trials to ensure therapies are safe and effective for populations disproportionately affected by the pandemic

The Questions We're Asking

  • How can we build our community’s confidence in the vaccine?
  • How can we communicate the importance of diverse participation in clinical research? 
  • What are the challenges and questions that prevent vaccination and research participation?
  • How can we engage and partner with our communities to find solutions?

Our Team

CEAL Nationwide

CEAL is a nationwide initiative led by the National Institutes of Health with centers across the country. Learn more about the NIH Community Engagement Alliance (CEAL)



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