This unique and specialized program provides office-based primary care for adults aged 70 and older. Our geriatrics experts focus on everyday care, as well as coordinating and guiding you through all your healthcare needs from preventive care to managing chronic conditions referrals to specialists.  

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At BMC, the Geriatrics Program is devoted to the unique healthcare needs of those 70 and older whether they are mobile, homebound, or in a nursing home. We work in a coordinated, …

Geriatrics Home Care Program

BMC’s Geriatrics Home Care Program is the oldest continuously operating in-home medical service in the United States, delivering care to those who cannot leave their homes for tre…

Geriatrics Assessment Center

The Geriatrics Assessment Clinic provides older adults with a comprehensive evaluation for medical, psychological, social, and functional issues.

Memory Disorders Clinic

Difficulty remembering new information, finding words or solving everyday problems can be upsetting for elderly and aging patients: from those faced with the first signs of memory…


The Neurology Department offers a full spectrum of neurological care for all neurological disorders, from epilepsy to headaches to Alzheimer’s disease. Our robust research program…


In the Department of Psychiatry, our comprehensive model combines compassionate, culturally sensitive care with state-of-the-art treatment for mental health conditions, addiction,…

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Education and Training

Geriatrics Fellowship

BMC offers a one-year fellowship in geriatric medicine, in which fellows serve as primary care providers to patients in our Home Care Program, Ambulatory Clinic, and Nursing Home Practice. Fellows also complete rotations in specialized areas such as inpatient care, dementia care, and palliative care, providing a well-rounded clinical experience.