Keep Yourself and Your Loved Ones Healthy with a Flu Vaccine

Boston Medical Center is committed to helping you and your loved ones stay healthy. We continue to take steps to protect the health and safety of our patients, visitors, and staff, and are here to provide care and services you need.

Flu season has started, and getting your flu shot this year is more important than ever. Getting a flu vaccine can help prevent the flu, and can help prevent serious illness if you do get the flu.

All patients six months and older should get the flu vaccine. It is particularly important for pregnant women, people with chronic medical conditions, and children because they are high risk of having serious flu-related complications.

How to Get a Flu Vaccination

Please call your primary care provider's office or your child's pediatrician to schedule an appointment for a vaccination. Same-day appointments are available.

The BMC drive/walk-in flu vaccination clinic is now closed.

The Flu and COVID-19

While the flu shot can’t prevent COVID-19, it can help you stay generally healthy. It would also be possible to get the flu and COVID-19 at the same time, which could be very dangerous. Since the flu shot decreases your chance of getting the flu, it decreases your risk of getting both illnesses at once. And the more people who get the flu vaccine, the fewer people who get the flu. That means the health care system is better able to care for people with COVID-19.