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basic life support provider certificate

The American Heart Association Basic Life Support course offered by the CTC teaches single and multiple rescuer basic life support skills for both prehospital and in-facility environments, with a focus on high-performance CPR and team dynamics.

BLS Certification / Recertification

The new 2020 version of HeartCode® BLS is a highly dynamic approach to online education. The user can select their level of mastery of BLS, ranging from novice to expert, and through true adaptive education, the program will confirm the learners skills level in subject areas, reinforce any areas where a knowledge gap exists, and present any updated guidelines. This allows learners who are experienced in resuscitation to rapidly have their knowledge verified, while allowing new learners take the time to learn the material. Time to complete varies from ~15 minutes to two hours).

The BLS provider certification is offered as a blended learning program, which combines the flexibility of online training with in person skills practice and testing.

Completion is simple:

  1. Complete the HeartCode® BLS online program. Click here to sign up for the online portion of BLS
  2. Go to our sign up page to schedule your hands-on session. Schedule the hands-on BLS skills session 
  3. Complete a hands-on skills session with an instructor to complete their certification (about 90 minutes).
  4. The certification card will be emailed to you the next day.


The skills sessions are held in various buildings around the BMC campus. When you sign up for the skills session, please make note of which location your session will be held in.