A Team Approach to Breast Care

Most patients with an urgent breast health issue face a series of appointments and procedures with a seemingly unconnected maze of departments. That’s not the case at Boston Medical Center.

Our Breast Health Program incorporates a coordinated multi-specialty approach to care, linking internal medicinesurgical oncologyradiology/mammographymedical oncologyradiation oncology, pathology and other breast health specialists together as one connected team. This patient-centered approach results in rapid access, personalized care and streamlined patient visits. All new patients are given expedited appointments in the Belkin Breast Health Center, where they are seen by either a medical or surgical breast specialist. Patients with an urgent problem are usually seen within a day. In addition, a cancer care nurse is available to all breast cancer patients as a central contact to offer support and ensure compliance throughout their multi-specialty cancer care.

We are conveniently located next door to the Belkin Breast Imaging Center if further diagnostic evaluation is needed.

Our goal at the Belkin Breast Center is for every breast cancer patient to obtain the optimal result through completion of their treatment plan.

An essential part of the program is a weekly multidisciplinary breast cancer conference in which the entire team collaborates on a comprehensive evaluation, and plans the best, most individualized treatment regimen and follow-up care for patients with breast cancer. There is ongoing communication with the patient and his or her primary care provider—so everyone is kept up to date and informed.

With BMC, you’ll have one team of specialists for your overall breast healthcare.

The Belkin Breast Center has been the proud recipient of grants from the Susan G. Koman Search for the Cure and the Avon Breast Cancer Foundation to further our efforts in breast cancer prevention, outreach and treatment for the patients of Boston Medical Center, their affiliated Health Centers and the community.