The department has an award-winning state-of-the-art multimedia laboratory with multiple digital resources. The room measures approximately 17' by 17' and contains three workstations. Each workstation is loaded with plenty of memory and storage to store and handle the taxing processing power that the media lab requires for its projects. The media center contains two professional-grade MX 2001 microphones for recording lecture materials using a dedicated computer for this purpose. The media lab is also equipped with two sets of recording equipment with 4K recording capabilities. 

The media lab employs a radio-frequency-controlled audience-response system (Option Technologies Interactive) to anonymously poll participants during didactic sessions. The results are displayed immediately on a whiteboard using graph charts. The combination of computer-based presentations, audience-response system and video-recording capabilities creates a stimulating and engaging milieu both for teachers and students. Residents and faculty have access to the multimedia laboratory 24 hours-a-day seven days-a-week using a security ID swipe card system.