Boston Medical Center has partnered with the All of Us Research Program, which provides an opportunity to contribute to medical breakthroughs that improve healthcare for everyone. This historic research effort aims to enroll 1,000,000 diverse volunteers across the U.S. who are willing to share their health information to advance medical research that will lead to better, more personalized treatments with fewer side effects.

Who can participate?

Diversity is a key part of All of Us, assuring that all communities participate and benefit from the research findings. All adults age 18 and older, including all BMC staff and patients, are eligible to enroll as participants, regardless of health status or where they receive their healthcare. 


Enrollment takes 1.5-2 hours, most of which can be done at home online, although the entire visit can be done at BMC if desired. In addition to completing health questionnaires, volunteers will have a study visit at BMC to measure vital signs and provide blood and urine samples. Volunteers are compensated $25 for their time spent completing enrollment, and they will have access to their All of Us results and be able to see how their results compare to the rest of the study population.

More than 3,600 BMC and Boston HealthNet staff and patients have already enrolled, and our goal is to enroll 5,500 more volunteers in the coming year.

If you have questions about All of Us, or to find out how to enroll or refer your patients to enroll, please call the BMC All of Us team at 617.414.3300 or email us at

To arrange for a presentation to your department or community group, please contact Ms. Cheryl McCloud at