CME and CNE Credits Now Available.

As part of the Boston and Cambridge Hospital Consortium agreement, CEO members have committed to increased education on addiction and substance use disorder for for all hospital-based emergency physicians, hospitalists, obstetricians, psychiatrists, adolescent pediatricians, infectious disease specialists, primary care providers, and internal medicine residents who are not waiver trained. Members have also agreed to track the fulfillment of this commitment. (See the full list of mandatory and optional groups below in "Tracking Information.") To support this effort, members of a working group, led by the Medical Director of the Grayken Center for Addiction, Miriam Komaromy, MD, have developed training materials for hospitals to use.

In order to facilitate participation, the trainings can take place as part of regularly scheduled Grand Rounds or other educational series or departmental meetings. Enduring web-based recordings are also be an option for training, and are available below. CME and CNE credits for participation are now available through Boston University School of Medicine

The materials included below are as follows:

  • Slide deck - A powerpoint deck for hospital leaders to download and use as a starting point for in-person, grand rounds talks, with suggested notes included in the powerpoint.
  • Discussion Questions - Suggested discussion questions for in-person talks.
  • Video - A videotaped recording of the powerpoint.
  • Pretest and posttest - A pretest and posttest assessing beliefs regarding substance use disorder, drawn from the Shatterproof survey of Massachusetts physicians, that will be included as part of the CME evaluation, and is available for hospitals to use.
  • Tracking Information for Hospital Leads - Guidance for hospitals leaders looking to implement this training, including groups to be trained and a tracking mechanism.

Slide deck

Understanding problems related to substance use (.pptx, 369mb)


Discussion Questions

Download the discussion questions (.docx, 14kb) 

  1. Who would be willing to share any thoughts or feelings that came up for you during this presentation?
  2. What evidence of stigma do you see in the way that we address substance use disorders in our hospital?
  3. If we were going to make changes in the way that we address SUDs, what changes would we start with?
  4. Any thoughts about how we could make these changes happen?
  5. Let’s talk about specific barriers and resources that we have at our institution.
    1. What barriers are there to any clinicians obtaining their x-waivers?
    2. What barriers are there to prescribing buprenorphine to patients?
    3. What options/resources are available for inpatients with substance use disorder. Are there unmet needs?
    4. What options/resources are available for outpatients with substance use disorder. Are there unmet needs?
    5. What options/resources are available for ED patients with substance use disorder. Are there unmet needs?
  6. Would anyone like to share their experience caring for patients with substance use disorder, either positive or negative?






Pretest/Posttest and Tracking Information for Hospital Leads 

Pretest and Posttest (.docx, 19kb)

Tracking Information for Hospital Leads (.docx, 66kb)