Grayken offers educational opportunities ranging from four-day immersive trainings to multi-year fellowships. If you are a social work or counseling student, medical resident, nurse, or fellow looking to learn more about addiction medicine, please check out our educational programs below.

Addiction Medicine Fellowship Program

The Grayken Addiction Medicine Fellowship Program, one of the nation’s first addiction medicine fellowships, prepares physician leaders to improve the health and wellness of people who use substances through clinical care, research, education, advocacy, and public health. Fellows will be prepared to meet the requirements for board certification in addiction medicine, and have the opportunity to conduct mentored research.

BMC also offers a three-year joint infectious disease/addiction medicine fellowship program, and a two-year joint preventive medicine/addiction medicine program.

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Grayken Addiction Nursing Fellowship

Nurses are often on the front lines of caring for patients with substance use disorders (SUD), so the Grayken Center for Addiction, in partnership with the Substance Use Disorder Nursing Council, launched the nation’s first addiction fellowship for registered nurses. It provide participants with comprehensive, immersive, and specialized training for the care of persons with SUD. 

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Social Work and Counseling Internships

Internships are available for first and second year masters of social work and licensed alcohol and drug counseling students. These internships offers a rich learning experience for students to learn from experienced clinicians treating our diverse patient population with substance use disorders. Internships are offered in a number of clinics across the hospital. 

If you are interested in applying for an internship with the Grayken Center, or learning more about these programs please complete this online form.

Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship

The addiction psychiatry fellowship, a VA/Boston University Medical Center program, has been providing subspecialty training in addiction psychiatry for 20 years. This one-year program provides psychiatric physicians with advanced training in the recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of substance use disorders, with a special focus on medication for addiction treatment.

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Chief Resident Immersion Training (CRIT)

This four-day immersive training program provides chief residents with the scientific foundation of addiction medicine and state-of-the-art substance use diagnosis and management skills. This will allow participants to facilitate the integration of substance use content into their teaching and residency program curricula.

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Fellow Immersion Training (FIT)

FIT is a four-day intensive, immersion training that equips incoming and current clinical subspecialty fellows (e.g., infectious disease, gastroenterology, or pain fellows) with state-of-the-art skills and information to integrate addiction medicine into clinical research.

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