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Weight Loss Surgery (Bariatric Surgery)

Weight Loss Surgery Options

At Boston Medical Center, we offer three types of weight loss surgery, the gastric bypass, the adjustable gastric band and the vertical sleeve gastrectomy. All three procedures limit the amount of food you can eat, and result in excellent weight loss. The surgeries are commonly performed laparoscopically. There are some important differences that must be considered when you and your surgeon are deciding on the best procedure for you.

Intra-Gastric Balloon

The Gastric Balloon is a recently FDA-approved technique that extends the spectrum of weight loss procedures to patients who may otherwise not qualify for weight loss surgery. The balloon is placed endoscopically through the mouth with no surgical incisions and can be done as an outpatient procedure. After six months the balloon is endoscopically retrieved, once again as an outpatient. Indicated for patients with a BMI between 30 and 40, the balloon allows surgeons to offer weight loss options across the entire continuum of obesity.

Revisional Weight Loss Surgery

The weight loss surgeons at Boston Medical Center have extensive experience in the field of revisional surgery for weight loss. This includes the removal of adjustable gastric banding devices (the Lap Band®), or conversion to another type of weight loss surgery. Additionally, in many cases we are able to revise or optimize existing surgeries using laparoscopic or even incisionless techniques. If you are struggling with weight loss or complications from previous weight loss surgery or simply would like a second opinion, please contact our offices to schedule a consultation.