Performers generally look upon vocal problems with dread. There are few things worse than having to walk in front of an audience with the fear that your voice may not function properly. A routine examination by a voice care team can often make the difference between a successful performance and a canceled one.

The Voice Treatment Program at the Boston Medical Center specializes in state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic services to individuals of all ages who present with a variety of voice disorders. The patients of the voice treatment program include professional and non-professional singers, public speakers, teachers, clergy, attorneys, sales associates and actors.

Seeing a doctor when something is wrong is important before a minor issue becomes a major one.

A voice screening can help:

  • Determine the presence of a potential laryngeal pathology.
  • Determine a risk for throat problems.
  • Provide a baseline image of a healthy larynx to use as a source of comparison if you experience voice problems in the future.
  • Provide education on the normal functioning of the larynx to understand how the voice works, how to control it and to prolong and enhance your career as a professional voice user.
  • Identify habits for optimal vocal use to help you meet the demands of your lifestyle.