Kristen Britner

Kristen remembers realizing, “I can’t talk” on August 22, 2020.

53-year-old Kristen recalls her coworker saying, “I think you are having a stroke” as she continued to fall down and try to get back up. She remembers she was talking weird and was weak on her right side. The paramedics were called to her workplace and she was sent to CMC under the care of Dr. Hannah Bernard. 

A CT/CTA scan of her brain confirmed she had a stroke in a major artery of her brain. She was transferred to BMC where, in 30 minutes, Dr. Mohamad Abdalkader removed her clot and restored normal blood flow to her brain.

After the procedure at BMC, she was able to move her right side again and recovered the majority of her speech. 

Today, after several weeks of recovery, she says she feels “100%.” She is independent with her activities and is able to walk unassisted. She continues to see improvement in her speech and has even started reading. 

She describes her care at Boston Medical Center as “Excellent. They talked to me all the time”.