Report to the Crosstown Building at 801 Massachusetts Avenue (enter at the rear of the building) at 8:00 PM and notify the Public Safety Officer that you are here for your test.  They will direct you to the waiting area.  The sleep lab personnel will escort you to the lab. 

Parking is available in the Crosstown Center Garage at 7 Melnea Cass Boulevard

What to Bring to Your Sleep Study

  • Insurance information.
  • A list of ALL medications.

  • Bring any medications with you (including inhalers, epipen and insulin supplies such as testing kit/glucose tabs).

  • Loose fitting, comfortable nightclothes, slippers, and toilet articles.

How to Prepare for Your Sleep Study

  • Eat a good dinner before your test.

  • No alcohol prior to the test.

  • No naps on the day of your test. 

  • No strenuous exercise prior to your test.

  • Arrive with dry hair.