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2018 MOON Study Poster Contest

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2018 Poster Contest

Research shows us that increasing the availability of naloxone in a community saves lives. In many states, the laws were recently changed to allow patients to get naloxone from the pharmacy directly, without having to see a medical prescriber first.  In both states, pharmacists have been trained and most pharmacies can provide naloxone in this way.

The MOON Study is looking to find a poster (or 2 or more!) that can speak to the public and inform them about Opioid Safety and Naloxone Use.

Posters may be submitted in English or Spanish (or may be in English and speak to Latino audiences) and should include the specific requirements noted in the Steps to Enter, below.

Posters will be judged by a diverse panel of experts and advocates for Opioid Safety and Naloxone awareness. Judging will be based on several criteria including overall look, originality, and persuasiveness. For more details regarding eligibility and the judging process, please see the Official Contest Rules and judging rubric.


We anticipate giving a total of 6 prizes (3 for English language posters, 3 for Spanish language posters).

3 first prizes - $1000 each

3 second prizes - $500 each


The Contest will take submissions from January 16, 2018 - April 9, 2018.

The winners will be contacted by June 1, 2018.

Steps to Enter

There are just six steps to enter the MOON Study 2018 Poster Contest!

  • Step 1: Learn about opioids and naloxone. Use reputable sources online or in the news.
  • Step 2: Identify the goal your poster. You must select one:
    • To raise awareness about opioid overdose and safety, OR
    • To inform about the availability of naloxone at the pharmacy
  • Step 3: Select a target audience for your poster. You must select one:
    • Patients taking prescription pain medications and their loved ones, OR
    • People who use illicit drugs like heroin
  • Step 4: Select a statistic. You must use a statistic within the poster, and it must be from the approved statistics list found in the Contestant Toolbox.
  • Step 5: Review the Contest Rules and make your poster. Make sure you included all the required components detailed in the contestant checklist found in the Contest Rules. The judging rubric is also available here.
  • Step 6: Submit your Poster by clicking here! | Submit your Spanish Poster by clicking here! 

Contest Rules 

Review the contest rules and make sure you included all the required components by reviewing the contestant checklist found in the Contest Rules. The judging rubric is also available here.

Contestant Toolbox

The Contestant Toolbox has helpful tips to build a winning poster. The approved statistics to include on your poster are also found here.

Materiales en español

Las reglas del concurso, la rúbrica, y las estadísticas están disponibles en español.

Last Year’s Winning Entries

Check out last year’s winning entries for some inspiration!

There are downloadable versions of previous winning posters available here.