Prior to submitting a sample request application, investigators are encouraged to reach out to the Scientific Review Committee (SRC) to schedule a consultation to discuss the proposed study design and how Biorepository samples may be optimally leveraged. Information on how to contact the BMC/BU COVID-19 Biorepository can be found here

Sample Fees

The COVID-19 Biorepository is set up as an institutional core, and as such is intended to be cost-neutral to the hospital. Sample fees are carefully calculated and fully backed-up by highly detailed line item budgets of clinical, laboratory, and project management costs. The Biorepository serves as a resource to investigators by ameliorating the need to develop independent research infrastructure to identify patients, enroll, track, administer research questionnaires, collect and transport samples, intake and log samples into the laboratory, and maintain the regulatory requirements of a prospective cohort study. The cumulative sample fees are likely much less than it would cost to set up an independent research study. 

Investigators can request sample fees by emailing the SRC at [email protected].

Investigator Commitments

BMC/BU COVID-19 Biorepository investigators commit to:

  1. Cover the biorepository fees associated with my sample request, including any incurred transport fees.
  2. Cover the fees associated with obtaining data and/or support from the Clinical Data Warehouse, as applicable.
  3. Maintain necessary IRB and IBC approvals, as applicable to the study.
  4. Keep Biorepository samples within BMC laboratories unless an MTA is in place to support sending samples to a different institution (including Boston University).
  5. Submit a progress report approximately six (6) months after release of samples. 
  6. For investigators who request a large number of samples and where the SRC has indicated that samples will be released in batches, submit a progress report after completion of the interim analysis on the first batch of samples received. The SRC will assess the interim results and determine if the continuation of the proposed study is justified. If so, the final batch of samples will be released to the Investigator.  
  7. Submit a final report at the completion of the proposed study on findings, planned and/or completed outputs, planned and/or awarded grants based on findings, and overall planned next steps.
  8. Acknowledge the BMC/BU COVID-19 Biorepository in all manuscripts and reports presenting outputs from analyses using Biorepository samples. For example, “The biologic samples and clinical data used for the analyses presented here were obtained from the BMC/BU COVID-19 Biorepository,
  9. Provide the SRC with a final copy of all manuscripts published and abstracts accepted to scientific conferences/meetings that present outputs from analyses conducted on Biorepository samples.   
  10. Deposit all results, including sequencing (if applicable), into an open access repository.
  11. Respond to annual requests for updates on outputs (e.g., manuscripts, reports, abstracts) and awarded grants related to your proposed study to help support the SRC in annual reporting to leadership.
  12. Return or destroy in an appropriate manner any Biorepository samples left over at the completion of the proposed study, as agreed upon with the SRC.


When you are ready to submit a sample request application, you can follow the link below to our REDCap-based application. 

Apply here