This page provides guidance on earned time for sponsored programs and what earned time (ET) and leave charges departments should expect to see posting to their sponsored programs.

Leave and Earned Time Expenses for Sponsored Programs

ET: The ET policy is the same for grants and operations. The ET expense posts to individual cost centers and sponsored programs. Sponsors are billed for ET posted to sponsored programs. ET is charged to sponsored programs in proportion to their allocations in Workday.

ET cash outs or termination pay posts to corporate (not individual grants). 

Extended Sick Leave (ESL)/Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA): ESL and FMLA expense posts to benefits administration. There is a one week waiting period for accessing ESL. Employees must use one scheduled work week of ET prior to accessing ESL (that one week of ET is charged to the sponsor if employee is paid from a sponsored program). If an employee does not have ET available, the one week period will be unpaid.

Short-term Disability (STD): Expense posts to benefits administration. An employee’s ESL accruals must be fully exhausted prior to the utilization of STD.