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The Teaching Kitchen

Welcome to The Teaching Kitchen at BMC!

BMC’s Culinary Summer Camp for Kids

BMC's free Culinary Summer Camp is open to children of BMC patients and staff. 

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As our nutrition services are top-quality, this is a unique element allowing the Boston Medical Center community to come in and view first-hand how to prepare the foods that they love in a manner that coincides with a healthy lifestyle. Simple, cost-effective recipes are taught while disease and condition specific nutrition education is implemented for weight management, diabetics, cardiac rehab patients, cancer survivors, as well classes for pediatric patients and their families, among others. Participants can actually smell and taste the food while learning beneficial nutrition practices. To our knowledge, this is the only facility in the nation that utilizes a teaching kitchen to promote nutrition on hospital grounds to patients.

Patients can come to The Teaching Kitchen and learn how to cook healthy meals as well as how to utilize the foods that come from the Preventive Food Pantry. In fact, the bulk of the food used in The Teaching Kitchen comes directly from the Food Pantry.

Each class begins with a nutrition education piece for the specific patient group. Then two to three recipes that go along with the nutrition lesson are taught and tasted. Participants have the chance to assist in the preparation and engage in the topic discussion. Recipes are always made available.

To attend a class patients do not need a referral, unless specified on the calendar. However, space is limited so it is suggested that you either call The Teaching Kitchen or let your provider know that you would like to attend a class.

To attend a class you must be a BMC patient or staff member. Please check the class schedules and then call to reserve a spot as space is limited. If the City of Boston declares a "Weather Emergency" classes will be canceled and rescheduled if possible. Call Tracey Burg, Registered Dietitian and Chef, at 617-414-3840 with any questions concerning in the BMC Teaching Kitchen.

Contact Us

Hours: Monday - Friday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Call: 617.414.3840

Boston Medical Center
Yawkey Center
2nd Floor, Cafeteria
850 Harrison Ave.
Boston, MA 02118



Class Descriptions

Lunchtime Demos

Stop by during a lunch or dinner break for a quick, 25-minute informative nutrition lecture and food demonstration.

4 for $10

Healthy cooking class for people on a budget. Learn how to prepare a meal for a family of four for only $10. Easy, quick and inexpensive!

Cooking Skills 101

Whether you are a novice or proficient cook this class teaches basic skills that will help you navigate the kitchen with ease and speed. From the prefect diced onion to homemade pasta, you can build the confidence to make anything!

Guest Programming

Each month the Demo Kitchen will open its glass wall to invite guest chefs, and food enthusiasts to present a culinary demonstration.

Family Fun with Food

Bring the kids to the Demo Kitchen and learn how to prepare healthy meals the whole family will love.

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Prep

Before undergoing weight-loss surgery you want to be ready. Learn about the 5 diet stages for weight-loss surgery and meet others considering surgery. Sponsored by the BMC Bariatric Weight-Loss Surgery Team.

Bariatric Food for Life

Learn how to maintain your weight loss after bariatric weight loss surgery by preparing healthy meals and tips on how to manage the new you.

Cancer Survivors!

Class focuses on nutrition to help someone during treatment and recovery to feel better, maintain their energy, recover more quickly, and stay stronger.

Healthy Hearts

Discover ways to cut the fat and lower salt without sacrificing taste or spending all day in the kitchen.

Diabetic Cooking Essentials

Eating healthful meals is an essential part of managing diabetes. Learn how to prepare delicious "diabetic-friendly" meals for yourself or a loved one with diabetes.

Healthy Cooking for People with Disabilities

Patients and caregivers learn how to cook using specialized cooking tools and techniques.

Mattapan Adult Day Health Program

On-site class at BMC's Margret H. Shea Adult Day Health Program provides support for frail elderly and disabled adults.

Pediatric Super Snack Station

Children and their caretakers get an opportunity to make a healthy snack while waiting for their doctor visit.

SNAAC (Student Nutrition Awareness and Action Council)

Founded in 2009 to give Boston University medical students an understanding of culinary medicine through a variety of education and extracurricular projects. SNAAC's goal is to provide medical students with the awareness that nutrition impacts health status.

SNAP! Healthy Home Cooking

Learn the skills to be self-sufficient in the kitchen using nutritional, budget-friendly ingredients.

SUPER Kids and SUPER Teens

Kids, teens and their families are encouraged to Shape UP and Eat Right (SUPER) in this interactive cooking class. The class is part of a medical research project sponsored by the BMC Endocrinology, Nutrition and Weight Loss Management Department and Pediatric Cardiology Department Fit4You Program.

Weight Management

Maintain weight loss goals by preparing healthy meals that are delicious and satisfying using whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.

BMC Presents: Rooftop Farm at Boston Medical Center


A Farm in the Sky

BU Today

Boston Medical Center’s cultivated rooftop feeds patients with homegrown produce

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Devin McCourty is cooking, even if the Patriots are not

Boston Globe

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A growing trend in employee wellness

Boston Globe

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Eat, Grow, Learn

Boston Herald

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Boston Medical Center rooftop farm

Bay State Banner

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A ton of produce: Photos of BMC's brand new rooftop garden

Boston Business Journal

Boston Medical Center has officially gone green, with the hospital's 7,000-square-foot rooftop garden producing 1,800-pounds of produce in June alone.

The rooftop garden, situated above the hospital's power plant, is expected to produce 15,000 pounds of produce a year. The food is split between the hospital's kitchens to be served to patients and to BMC's Preventative Food Pantry, which helps low-income patients access healthier foods.

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With a New Rooftop Farm, Nutrition Is BMC’s Highest Priority

Boston Magazine

With sterile white walls and foreboding exteriors, hospitals aren’t exactly known for their beauty. But to find an oasis at Boston Medical Center (BMC), all you have to do is look up.

This spring, BMC transformed the bleak rooftop of its power plant building into a verdant farm bursting with carrots, basil, zucchini, cucumbers, chard, and more. Just a few weeks into its inaugural growing season, the eco-friendly garden has already yielded 2,000 pounds of produce, with an estimated 13,000 more on the way.

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Boston Medical Center urban farm serving up veggies to patients

Fox 25 Boston

Row after row after row of fresh vegetables span the Albany Street building roof. For BMC, the rooftop farm not only promotes the healthy lifestyle its doctors want their patients to lead, but it helps feed patients in need.
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When the Prescription Is a Recipe

New York Times

Boston Medical Center, a member of the collaborative, has a “preventive food pantry,” the first of its kind when it opened in 2001. Doctors can write “prescriptions” for patients to visit the pantry, which gives them access to healthful food and addresses issues of nutrition-related illness. It also allows low-income patients access to healthy food.

“There are a lot of conflicting impulses out there regarding food,” said Dr. Christine Pace, an internist at Boston Medical Center. “We live in a culture that has access to incredibly unhealthy food for very little money.”

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Award Recipient at Food and Nutrition Convention and Exposition for the Academy of Food and Nutrition (AND) - October 2016

In recognition as the winner of the AND Council on Future Practice's "Innovations in Dietetics Practice"

Boston Medical Center 2012 James W. Varnum Award Recipient

BMC's Food Pantry and Teaching Kitchen is the proud recipient of the 2012 James W. Varnum National Quality Health Care Award, established by the Trustees of Dartmouth-Hitchcock to recognize an outstanding national leader in health care quality improvement initiatives.

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Bariatric Weight Loss

4 for $10 (Prepare a Meal for a Family of Four for Only $10)