Children develop differently. Many children will acquire the developmental milestones by the ages listed below. There is a range of ages, however, that children may normally acquire skills. If you are concerned that your child may be delayed, speak with your pediatrician or family care provider.

3 months

  • holds head erect
  • smiles when engaged
  • follows bright object with eyes
  • opens mouth expectantly for feedings.

7 months

  • holds keys with either hand and can transfer to opposite hand
  • bangs spoon on table
  • supports weight on feet when held under the arms
  • sits when placed on floor
  • rolls from tummy to back and back to tummy
  • enjoys social play, responds to other people's expressions of emotion, appears joyful often
  • finds partially hidden objects
  • responds to sounds, uses voice to express feelings, babbles.

12 months

  • pulls to standing position and can sit back down.
  • gets self to sitting
  • crawls
  • walks holding onto furniture
  • cooperates with dressing.
  • waves bye-bye and claps.
  • can pinch and pick up small objects. Finger-feeds self.
  • shy or anxious with strangers
  • shows specific preferences for certain people and toys
  • explores objects by shaking, banging, throwing, dropping
  • understands no, follows a few simple commands.
  • says dada and mama.

18 months

  • walks alone
  • goes up stairs with one hand held
  • builds a tower of 3-4 blocks
  • pulls toy
  • turns pages of book
  • points to eyes,nose, ears
  • has at least 6 words

2 years

  • begins to run and jump with two feet
  • kicks a ball
  • goes up and down stairs with hand held
  • scribbles
  • points to pictures in book when named
  • begins to put two words together
  • understands 200-300 words
  • speech can be understood by others 55% of the time
  • imitates others
  • more excited about being with other children
  • begins pretend play

3 years

  • climbs and runs well
  • pedals a tricycle
  • draws a circle
  • builds a tower of 9 blocks
  • alternates steps when climbing stairs
  • gives full name
  • knows his/her gender
  • shows affection
  • can play games that require turn taking
  • enjoys pretend play with dolls or animals
  • sorts objects by shape and color
  • understands what and where questions
  • can put together 2-3 sentences to tell about an event
  • understood by others 75-90% of the time

4 years

  • hops on one foot
  • goes up and down stairs without support
  • can copy a square
  • can write some capital letters
  • dresses and undresses self with some assistance
  • enjoys cooperative play
  • follows 3 step command
  • tells stories
  • understands the concepts same and different
  • speaks in 5-6 word sentences
  • understood by strangers
  • has mastered some basic rules of grammar: past tense, adjectives, adverbs
  • asks why, how, who, when questions

5 years

  • stands on 1 foot for 10 seconds
  • skips
  • prints simple words
  • tells age
  • can count 10 or more objects
  • tells longer stories
  • names 4 colors
  • uses personal pronouns such as we and they
  • uses past and future tenses
  • dresses and undresses without help