Gout is the most common inflammatory arthritis. If you have intensely painful, swollen joints (most often in the big toe or other part of the foot) and/or bouts of arthritis that come and go, it may be gout. Gout is diagnosed by examining the fluid in affected joints. 

BMC rheumatologists are at the forefront of developing national treatment guidelines for gout, and participate in internationally-recognized research to help identify better ways to diagnose and treat the condition. Our gout program is led by Dr. Neogi, an internationally recognized expert in gout who has led the development of the national American College of Rheumatology treatment guideline for gout. For example, we offer ultrasound assessment, which helps reduce discomfort when sampling joint fluid and may be enough to diagnose gout without the need for invasive procedures. Patients may also be offered the chance to participate in research studies.