Pain Management Clinic

Patients with lupus may experience chronic pain from their lupus or due to other medical conditions.  The pain management clinic at BMC can offer non-drug and drug treatments to help manage the pain.

Weight Management

Patients with lupus may have joint pain that limits their mobility.  A side effect of prednisone, a commonly prescribed medication to treat lupus, is weight gain.  The weight management clinic can develop an individualized nutrition and exercise plan to help keep you healthy.

Infusion clinic (for biological therapy)

Some medications for lupus must be given through a vein in the arm (intravenously).  The infusion clinic provides a comfortable environment where patients can be accompanied by family or friends while they receive intravenous treatments.  As a convenience, you can get most prescriptions delivered to you while you receive your treatment.

Physical therapy

Staying mobile is important to your lifestyle and to your health.  Physical therapists at BMC can help keep you moving.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapists can help you to perform your daily activities so that you can fully participate at work and at play.


Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) is a drug that suppresses the immune system and can help improve the symptoms of lupus.  Long-term use of hydroxychloroquine can cause damage to the eyes. Therefore, it is recommended that all patients taking the medication should be screened for eye damage by an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) before starting treatment, then once per year after starting treatment.

Interpreter Services

Our staff speak 240 languages and provide interpreter services for our patients 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.