If you are interested in giving back to the patients of Boston Medical Center, we offer you the opportunity to make an in-kind donation. The below programs are accepting new clothing, goods and cards for patients and staff here throughout the year. All clothing purchased must be new with the tags still attached.

The Autism Program assists and empowers individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and related disabilities through direct patient support, provider education, and community-based outreach. We strive to meet the needs of the community in Boston and its surrounding areas in a culturally competent manner by offering high quality and comprehensive care to all. The needs of low-income children and families affected by ASD are vast and variable and yet critical support like that which is provided by Autism Specialists is neither billable nor reimbursable through insurance companies.
The Autism Program thus relies on philanthropic support to maintain its functioning, continued growth, and success. Many of our patients struggle to make ends meet, especially during the holidays, but the COVID19 pandemic has caused further financial burden. Visit The Autism Programs patient & family wish list for a complete list of their needs.

The Grow Clinic for Children is an outpatient subspecialty clinic at Boston Medical Center that provides comprehensive specialty medical, nutritional, developmental and social services and dietary assistance to children from the Greater Boston area. The children in the Grow Clinic range from moderately to severely malnourished. The clinic serves a diverse patient population, mostly low-income families. The survival of the clinic depends on supporters and community partners to donate essential resources to our little patients in addition to medical care. Visit the Grow Clinic Wish List for a complete list of their needs.

Pediatrics Family Navigation helps families overcome barriers related to social determinants of health by delivering interventions that foster self-advocacy and self-efficacy. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the team has been working tirelessly to bridge gaps related to food and housing insecurity and access to school services and has provided diapers, wipes, non-screen activities, household products and winter clothing in order to keep our pediatric families safe at home. Visit the Grow Clinic wish list for a complete list of their needs.

The BMC Immigrant Health Center is a hospital-based comprehensive medical home that provides coordinated primary care, behavioral health care, medical specialty care, and a range of social services--including immigration legal support, career development, and ESL education--for BMC patients who are refugees, asylum seekers, or immigrant patients with complex medical and social needs. The Immigrant Health Center collaborates with partners across the hospital, including the Boston Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights (BCRHHR), to coordinate services that meet the comprehensive health and social needs of our patients and help them navigate our complex medical system.
BCRHHR firmly recognizes the importance of providing care to the whole person and reaches out to refugee communities and torture survivors to offer a place of safety and trust. BCRHHR provides comprehensive case management and care to approx. 450 individuals from over 40 countries. Visit the BMC Immigrant Health Center's wish list and the BCRHHR’s wish list for a complete list of their needs.

The Good Grief program provides counseling and other supportive services to children and their families after they have experienced a significant loss, like the death of a loved one, divorce, or separation from an important person due to incarceration. Families connect to the program to gain additional support as they navigate their grieving process. Our program works to provide services that will help families learn about grief, uncover new skills to cope with their loss, and garner their intrinsic strengths to integrate their loss into their life in a meaningful and healthy way.
This year has been a particularly challenging year for so many, including the many families who have reached out to our program for support due to the compounded losses they have experienced during the pandemic. Our program and team members have been working tirelessly to support these families and offer hope and optimism during these difficult times. Visit the Good Grief wish list for a complete list of their needs.