Functional rhinoplasty differs from cosmetic rhinoplasty in that in functional rhinoplasty, the goals are altering the anatomy of the nose to relieve nasal obstruction. This typically requires rebuilding the area at the junction between the lower third and middle third of the nose that is responsible for greater than 50% of the resistance to breathing (called the nasal valves), elevating the nasal tip, straightening the nose, or a combination of these procedures. While changes in the appearance of the nose are not goals of the procedure, some may be required as a more proportioned nose results in a more patent airway. During your consultation, Dr. Ezzat will discuss his examination findings with you and explain what options are available to you to improve your nasal passages. 


Functional Rhinoplasty - pre-surgery (left) and post-surgery (right) 

"The difference in my appearance is subtle yet powerful in ways beyond the aesthetic."

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